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A week full of beautiful spring weather has been so good for our crew.  The kids have a new swing set which adds to the warm weather fun.  I love to watch them run outside. I really enjoyed a spring walk in the woods and wading in the creek this week with Evan, his friend from school, and Cora.  The woods are bright spring green now and the leaves are full enough to create a canopy of leaves on our property.  March and April are a little rough here in the country because it's so stinking muddy, but it's all worth it when spring finally comes along in May.  The kids basically crash into bed exhausted.  Their little bodies haven't fully adjusted to so much time outside and in the sun.

The garden is behind, but we are at least moving forward a little now.  Eric's time commitment to his masters program will make gardening a challenge this year.  The asparagus bed we started last year is in fair condition this spring.  It became a competition of sorts between Eric and I.  We each dug a trench and planted the asparagus in our own trenches.  It was really difficult work.  Sadly, my trench looks pathetic and Eric's is thriving.  Our starts are behind...we'll see if they catch up when the heat of summer hits.

My kids are good...growing and changing.  New struggles come along daily as they mature.  I am physically tired from my very active preschooler and emotionally tired from my pre-teen.  The two in the middle can be just as exhausting.  I am often short on patience and regret that my words were not as gentle or kind as they should be at the end of each day.  I'm praying for strength to be what they need and to communicate with each of them in a way that more clearly reflects the love of our Father.  


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