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Scarlet the dog has found a new home.  I have always been Scarlet's biggest defender. She makes me crazy and destroys the house I strive to keep clean, but she was a living being who's home was my house, so I felt a strong urge to remain loyal and love her unconditionally.  On Thursday something changed, and I'm not sure I can explain it.  I just knew it wasn't going to work.  I scurry through the day trying to keep up with my responsibilities and I can't take care of a dog in the way she deserves.  Because of this, she misbehaves.  When she misbehaves the children are frustrated and Eric is furious.  Once I made the decision I knew it was time to move quickly.  I broke the news to the kids, who were beyond upset with me.  That passed very quickly because they are really just in love with the idea of having a dog, not with the dog itself.

Here's the really great part.  Scarlet now lives just down the road.  Our vet recommended a wonderful couple who treat their dogs like their children.  Scarlet has a trainer and a black lab sister.

I cried.  A lot.  I miss her, but life is so much simpler.  I have more time to exercise, more time with the kids, and my house is SO much easier to clean.  It was the right choice.  I've been a sad, but I also feel like a bit of a failure.  The perfectionist in me didn't want to fail as a dog owner.  Maybe I would have been okay with a smaller, older, calmer, less hairy dog.  I don't know.  The kids have forgiven me quickly, although Cora still seems to think the dog will be home soon.  Maybe she'll understand in a few weeks when we go visit Scarlet at her new house.

Good thing Nana and Papaw have a new dog...we can just visit Bella when the kids need a dog to love.


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