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Tired.  So, so, tired.  We've just been through one of Eric's very busy seasons at work, which was further complicated by his school work for his master's program.  The kids have been champs through all of it, but even when they are well behaved, it's just a lot to tackle by yourself.  I think things are about to slow down...maybe.  Basketball season for the boys is now over.  It was an amazing season and I am so thankful for the opportunities the boys had to participate in a great program this year, but I'm also thankful it's over.  Four nights a week, with four kids at the gym, by's just too much after awhile.  And, in a week Eric and I are leaving for Puerto Rico! Rest, sleep, and sun sound spectacular right now. I'm really looking forward to seeing my husband for more than a few minutes each day as well.

I'm not just physically tired, I'm emotionally tired as well.  When you bring a child home from the hospital you focus on nursing, changing diapers, and carefully giving these tiny little beings a safe bath.  No one tells you the real challenge begins many years later.  Each day I am reminded that I have NO CLUE how to raise a pre-teen.  I upset him daily, obviously unintentionally.  I love him dearly, and I am so proud of the young man he is becoming...but wow, this is hard.  He went to bed angry with me.  I hate that he's angry.  He'll be fine in the morning, he doesn't want to be angry.  He loves us.  He just can't seem to help it right now, the hormonal overflow takes over.  I take a lot of deep breaths and drink a lot of camomile tea.

Princess Tater Tot will be three in a week.  Eric and I will actually be in Puerto Rico on her birthday, but luckily she is still to young to realize this.  We'll be celebrating a few days early.  I love this kid.  She is so stinking funny...and sweet...and crazy...and beautiful.

The third grader is easy right now...I need an easy kid.  I deserve at least one easy kid right now.  He entertains himself with all kinds of fun things and is constantly looking for ways to help me.  He loves jump rope team and his Destination Imagination team.  He had a great basketball season and is breezing through his school year.  Last week his teacher told me she would like to take him home with her.  Have I mentioned that I deserve an easy kid right now?  Because I have one two years older, I know that I have challenges in the near future with him, but I'm enjoying the peace he brings our home right now.

Pickle is a reader and a soon-to-be swimmer.  I have the privilege of going to school with him every Wednesday and spending a full 6 hour day in his classroom.  It is one of the highlights of my week.  He  has this unique ability to be super sweet and super fussy at the same time.

These small people are a gift.  Their smiles, their hugs, the mud they bring in on their shoes, the crumbs they leave all over the kitchen floor...their laughter, their kisses, and their wet towels all over the bedroom floor...all of it is a gift.  


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