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I am beyond grateful for the boy's teachers this year.  They are an amazing group of women and they are on my team.  Evan's kindergarten teacher, aka the kindergarten whisperer, is so gifted and meek.  Eric and I had the privilege of attending her kindergarten reading workshop earlier this week.  She cares deeply for the kids in her class and I could sit and learn from her for hours.  Evan simply loves kindergarten and has already gained so much confidence.  He has now owned the title of "reader" and is very proud of his accomplishment.

Trey's teacher can be described in one short word, sweet.  Like Evan's teacher, she is very meek and so gentle.  She called me near tears during the first week of school because she was so worried that she had hurt Trey's feelings that day.  She explained how much she cares for Trey and how she pulled him aside to make sure he realized how much she appreciated his kind heart and helpful spirit in the classroom.  She called me just to make sure I was aware of the situation and that we were on the same page.  She took the time to make sure his little spirit had not been crushed.  To this mom, that means the world.

Then there are Riley's teachers.  I had the most meaningful meeting with them this morning.  I wanted to discuss some concerns we had with Riley academically.  We went through my list, but then we discussed so much more.  They care about all aspects of Riley...his academic progress, his self-confidence, his peer group, his emotions.  They had taken the time, in just these few shorts week of the new school year, to really get to know Riley.  I held it together pretty well during the meeting, but the tears hit the second I left the thankful to have them on my team.


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