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The first week of the new school year is over.  It went as smoothly as possible, just a big transition.  Oddly, the new kindergartener is the only one that hasn't cried.

Riley has been overwhelmed by the expectations of being a responsible 5th grader preparing for middle school and is swamped with homework already.  He's missing his friends that were placed in the other class and he's now a slightly hormonal pre-teen.  But, I watch him and am amazed at the way he is maturing and growing.

Trey is adjusting to a new classroom and teacher, which is always a bit of a struggle for him.  He received some really disappointing news today as well...he won't be included in a program that he was really looking forward to attending.  These experiences, however, are times for us to help him learn and grown.  Now as I type he is sitting next to me practicing piano and all I can think is what a beautiful child he is and how much I love him.  He is also growing and maturing in remarkable ways.

Then there is Pickle.  Wow, was that kid ready for kindergarten.  He hasn't quit smiling all week.  I make mistakes about every other minute while parenting my children, but waiting another year for Evan to start school was one of my better moves.  He has LOVED riding the bus in the morning with his brothers.  Trey reported today that Evan does not want his help getting to the kindergarten room after he gets off the bus.  He is Mr. Independent.  I LOVE that he is only in school half day and it's been fun to have him home every afternoon while Cora naps.

Sister misses the boys and doesn't want to be home while they are in school.  She wants to "go bye bye" all morning.  She begs for preschool, but I know we are going to have fun every morning on our own.

So, here we go again.  Another year...homework, projects, reading logs, packing lunches, field trips, class parties, friends, teachers, and a good amount of chaos.  As I was running this morning I simply prayed that I would be filled with the fruits of His Spirit.  I can not do this on my own and if I decide now to not even try, my kids will have a much better school year.  


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